Meow Wolf Denver: A Dizzying Trip Through Memories

Not too long ago I wrote about my experience riding the Meow Wolf ride at Elitch Gardens in Denver and the evolving climate of immersive art. Immersive art has mutated into a way to draw people who didn’t even give art a glance a chance to see what art is about.

About a month ago, Meow Wolf opened a new immersive art building in Denver and it wasn’t until now that I had a chance to experience. And boy was it a doozy.

As of now, you must have a timed entry ticket and they do check bags complete with security gates. Oh, and you can’t bring in reusable water bottles, they make you empty them out. Once you get in, you can take the elevators to the different levels and there are three.

Once the elevators open, you are dropped off into a bizarre sequence of dreams, that changes as you pass through doors, or black strip door curtains. It only gets stranger and stranger.

At first, I was confused and overwhelmed as to what I should see first. But I realized there’s no rhyme or reason, like a typical art museum where there are themed sections or a pathway. You just open a door and follow it.

Now I don’t want to give too much of it away because you have to experience it for yourself. It does feel like you are having dreams that make no sense, where there are things that are familiar (because Meow Wolf usually like to repurpose objects for art sakes) and not so familiar; such as Dr. Suess- like beasts and abstract structures.

Part science-fiction, part surrealism, you are a visitor visiting Convergence Station which is a place that was created when a cosmic event minced up and then mashed together four different worlds. Memories are the only things left connecting the citizens of Convergence Station. They are so important that they became part of the economy.

Exploration is heavily encouraged and their are ‘citizens’ lurking about to converse with you. Meow Wolf Denver is open for anyone who has a curious mind. You don’t have to necessarily appreciate art, yet if you do, it is so rewarding.

Published by Jeydie W

I'm a creative writer, blogger, podcaster and YouTube gamer. I have three books published, two blogs and a gaming channel that I participate in as Woolly Mammoth Gaming on YouTube. I have a successful podcast called Chillingly Bizarre, it's a fiction horror short stories podcast. I recently moved from Miami to Denver, and I live with my husband and shelter dog.

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