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Meet Ai-Da

Ai-Da is an artist from London, who recently created an abstract portrait of Queen Elizabeth for the Platinum Jubilee. She’s also had a solo exhibition titled ‘Unsecured Futures’ for the University of Oxford and has lectured on a TEDx Talks. She is articulate and creative with her black bob hairstyle and painter’s overalls; she fitsContinue reading “Meet Ai-Da”

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Exhibit – Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is hosting a traveling exhibit on Egyptian history complete with miniature replicas of pyramids and temples. It’s much bigger than the permanent exhibit that they have on Egyptology. The first section covers the importance of the Nile River to the Egyptians during those times and how it contributedContinue reading “Denver Museum of Nature & Science Exhibit – Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs”

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