Denver Art Museum: Georgia O’ Keeffe, Photographer Exhibit

Known mostly for her paintings of flowers, Georgia O’ Keeffe also took up the medium of photography in her later years. With no prior knowledge of taking pictures and two cameras in hand, she spent 30 years practicing with her good friend, Alfred Stieglitz. O’ Keeffe used the backdrop of her home in New MexicoContinue reading “Denver Art Museum: Georgia O’ Keeffe, Photographer Exhibit”

Denver Art Museum Exhibit: La Malinche

Over the weekend I visited the Denver Art Museum for a member preview of their newest exhibit; Traitor, Survivor, Icon: The Legacy of La Malinche. I had no idea what the exhibit was about, I assumed it was something religious because the portrait that was used for the advertisement seemed so. And I also thoughtContinue reading “Denver Art Museum Exhibit: La Malinche”

Porn and Artful Nudity

One of the most visited pornographic websites, PornHub, is facing charges from the Louvre in France and the Uffizi in Italy. Reason being that they recreated scenes from masterpieces using porn stars, on their site without permission. Some of the paintings that inspired their suggestive scenes, were Spring (also known as Primavera) by Botticelli andContinue reading “Porn and Artful Nudity”

Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist” (Is the Title an Exaggeration?)

Two episodes into the docuseries This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist, I get a sense that it seems to be overly exaggerated and dramatic. Not to say that it didn’t happen, just the little details seem off. First of all, is it really the world’s biggest art heist? I decided to dig aContinue reading “Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist” (Is the Title an Exaggeration?)”

Stone Age Art: Art Made of Stone? Part 1

Way before any of the art you see today existed, it had to have had a start. It didn’t start with a canvas; it definitely didn’t start with a computer; it began with a stone wall. We’re not talking about finger painting like a child would do on their parents’ walls; we’re talking about aContinue reading “Stone Age Art: Art Made of Stone? Part 1”

Artemesia Gentileschi: The Artist Who Fought Against Rape with Art

Recently, an Artemesia Gentileschi painting has been acquired by the Getty art museum in L.A. through an undisclosed seller. They plan on having it on display for viewing when the time comes for reopening. An artist of the 17th century, Gentileschi, was left unknown until the 1970s when art historian Linda Nochlin wrote an articleContinue reading “Artemesia Gentileschi: The Artist Who Fought Against Rape with Art”