The Relevance of American Western Art

During my trip to Wyoming one of my stops were to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West located in Cody. It is a massive museum complex that encompasses five museums; one of which being the Whitney Western Art Museum. It was dedicated in 1959 to artist Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. She was responsible for creatingContinue reading “The Relevance of American Western Art”

Manifest Destiny in Art Works

I recently visited a living history park 4 miles outside of Denver, a 12 acre land with the oldest house and a small farm. It served as a resting spot on the intersecting trails during the mid 1800s, when many were crossing from the East to the West. As I gazed at one of theContinue reading “Manifest Destiny in Art Works”

Porn and Artful Nudity

One of the most visited pornographic websites, PornHub, is facing charges from the Louvre in France and the Uffizi in Italy. Reason being that they recreated scenes from masterpieces using porn stars, on their site without permission. Some of the paintings that inspired their suggestive scenes, were Spring (also known as Primavera) by Botticelli andContinue reading “Porn and Artful Nudity”

Sound Art: The Next New Art Movement

At the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas; a new project is under way. Funded by art philanthropists Ernest and Sara Butler (a cool 5 millions was dropped) the art installation is set to open to the public in 2022. Being built by Norwegian based architecture firm, Snøhetta, a sound garden is what isContinue reading “Sound Art: The Next New Art Movement”

Mesopotamia and Persia: The Cradle of Civilization and Big Baby Steps

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia were responsible for many inventions, including writing, the wheel, the plow and the irrigation canals. They also influenced for the next 2,000 years after that the pictorial narrative. The pictorial narrative is scenes depicting a story. We saw a little bit of that with the decorated rooms of Catal Hoyuk. ThisContinue reading “Mesopotamia and Persia: The Cradle of Civilization and Big Baby Steps”

The Advent of Immersive Art

The other day I stood in line with my husband for a ride in Elitch Gardens, situated in downtown Denver. The idea of the ride is like no other, yet the actual ride mechanics was like a typical haunted house ride with a boxcar to sit in. Its concept and creation came from Meow Wolf,Continue reading “The Advent of Immersive Art”

My Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Search for Water

Recently I took a five-day trip to Chicago, Illinois with my husband and one of our stops was to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a highlight for me during the trip, for my husband – not so much. It balanced out because the week before I had to commit two hours straight ofContinue reading “My Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Search for Water”

Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist:” (The Mystery Continues)

I binge-watched the rest of the episodes of This is a Robbery while recovering from the side effects of the COVID vaccine – dose two. There is a possibility that I wasn’t entirely paying attention since my mind was in a fog and my body was playing tricks on me. (Hot? Cold? Both?) The seriesContinue reading “Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist:” (The Mystery Continues)”

Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist” (Is the Title an Exaggeration?)

Two episodes into the docuseries This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist, I get a sense that it seems to be overly exaggerated and dramatic. Not to say that it didn’t happen, just the little details seem off. First of all, is it really the world’s biggest art heist? I decided to dig aContinue reading “Netflix’s “This is a Robbery: World’s Biggest Art Heist” (Is the Title an Exaggeration?)”

Stone Age Art: Art Made of Stone? Part 2

We’re taking a giant leap into 7000 BCE, the Neolithic age, where great societies emerged in Anatolia and Mesopotamia (what is now Turkey and Syria/Iraq). One of those was Jericho, which laid on a plateau in the Jordan River Valley. The citizens built mud-brick houses, farmed, and constructed a walled fortification. Eventually, the people abandonedContinue reading “Stone Age Art: Art Made of Stone? Part 2”